Chapters One and Two from Jonn’s latest novel

Chapters One and Two, The Integration of Marvi Puffin

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Welcome to Black Gate Works Press.


Celebrate with the author in Central Park. You know who you are!

We are next to the turtle pond in the quiet zone, south end of great lawn, due east of the theater and looking at the castle. Look for the purple batik cloth. Happy Birthday, Jonn!

Our featured work is the novel The End of General Haight, by Jonn Salovaara, available at


Not everyone loved Ronald Reagan.  In this novel set in the 1980s, a student named Lewis Woodhill blames the Reagan presidency for everything from the recession and nuclear proliferation to poor public-speaking and Vietnam.  He decides that one member of the Reagan administration, a functionary named General Haight, must go.  While working himself into a homicidal state, he also has a vision of his own union with a savior.  In the second part of the novel, following time spent in a psychiatric ward, Lewis rediscovers his own family’s sense of values.

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